1. You will pay 49% of the total amount VAT excluded for a Hanse sailing yacht
2. Financial costs for leasing and license for charter. The rest of the amount, 51% will
be financed by the leasing company.
3. We rent the yacht for 10-12 weeks to pay the leasing costs.


The normal costs are in this case for the owner

The owner will be held responsible for the leasing payments and has to finance the costs for berth, insurance and maintenance. The total amount of these costs will be dependent of the model you'll choose. The best way to do this is to establish a company in Croatia. After 5 years, you can use the yacht 100% of the time without additional cost. Royal Sailing will not charter your boat any further. At this point in time you can even bring your yacht into the European community. The rest value after five years of the yacht is still 50%. All the income in this version is for the owner.


Personal use of your Hanse sailing yacht:

You can freely use your yacht for 6 weeks a year, 3 of which in the high season (June, July and August). Furthermore you can use the yacht whenever it is available.


Our Base in Sukosan and Split Croatia

Sukosan is located about 4 km from Zadar airport. During the summer season, from April to November, a lot of low cost carriers fly from all over Europe to Zadar. Sukosan is the home of Croatia's most modern and biggest marina. With its 1500 berths, Marina Dalmacija has all the services needed to serve a world-class yacht like this.