Royal Sailing is dealer for Hanse Yachts for Croatia in charter management and sells high quality sailing boats with the most modern interior design for sportive and easy sailing. We give all our customers royal service and if you like we come to you to explain everything about sailing a Hanse Yacht in Croatia! We take care about our clients with Royal Care. Therefore we have the quality people for all kind of work on your yacht. We go for quality and services.
We think different and act different. We are open seven days a week because we love our customers.


Chris Meeusen from the Netherlands together with Velimir Mestrovic from Croatia established Royal Sailing. The background of this company is based upon 15 years of experience in racing sailing boats in Europe and organizing several sailing races in the Netherlands. With his team, Chris Meeusen has been racing in the IMS2 for many years and has won many races in this class. Internationally, he has raced in Spi West, Cowes Week, Kieler Woche and many other races in the Netherlands.

Velimir Mestrovic (Bachelor of Engineering) has worked for Lufthansa for many years in several countries. He has also worked for quite a few charter companies in Croatia.