Tuning starts with Royal Sailing. Behind the wheel of a tuning yacht by Royal Sailing you will met pure passion for speed. If you like a race yacht for two or like to race with a complete crew just tell us your wishes. We can deliver carbon mast, booms and V-booms. For more speed we are also cooperating with North Sails to make the right set of sails for you. For fast cruising, racing or both. Our Services:

  • - Cruising and Racing Sails
  • - Carbon mast and booms
  • - Rigging
  • - Special equipment (repeaters, distance control for navigation, forward looking systems, software and computers).
  • - Special anti fouling /under water preparations for more speed
  • - Carbon wheels, gangway, spinnaker poles
  • - Project management

Hanse Interior tuning
Royal Sailing works together with an interior architect for special interior wishes and decoration to make your sailing yacht more personal Our services:

  • - Bedding
  • - Decoration
  • - Yacht porcelain service
  • - Interior chances
  • - Woodwork

Royal Sailing is specialized in Hanse tuning for easy and fast sailing. Every sailor is looking for some competition and wants to be the fastest one. Therefore Royal Sailing offers special anti fouling and different sails.